We work hard to meet and surpass clients’ expectations.

The feedback we receive from clients whom we interact with is greatly appreciated.

Here are some examples:


Damien and Martin developed the project design document and guidance for a new climate change and sustainable energy programme and developed and facilitated training on its completion. They were fantastic at keeping everyone engaged in a topic that can be difficult to make interesting. They are great facilitators, delivered exactly what we needed, often ahead of deadlines and were always looking out for additional ways they could assist to make things more effective– even if that went beyond their terms of reference!Marita Manley, Climate Change Adviser, GIZ, Suva, Fiji


Damien and Martin worked with us at SPREP to develop and deliver a training programme for 14 Pacific Island government officials, on how to access funding for climate change adaptation from the Kyoto Protocol Adaptation Fund.  The team were in charge of not only designing the actual training programme, but also developed a training manual that participants could continue to use as a reference document.  As facilitators, they had no problems in the delivery of the training, taking into account the different needs of up to fourteen different countries, and keeping everybody fully engaged.  Participant feed back showed a very deep appreciation for the level of expertise and professionalism from this team. This team showed themselves to be highly flexible and able to quickly adapt to changing demands and work with an amazing amount of energy.   I would highly recommend them for future workshops.  Diane McFadzien, Climate Change Adaptation Advisor, SPREP.- Diane McFadzien, Climate Change Adaptation Advisor, SPREP.


Thank you both again for your commitment to our training program and the professionalism demonstrated in your delivery, preparation and evaluation


I really enjoyed the workshop and got a lot out of it. The presenters gave a great interactive presentation that kept you alert at all times. The smaller number of attendees gave the presenters more opportunity to give one-on-one assistance when required


I have attended many workshops/training (national/regional/international) over the years and I have to say, especially given the topic presented, that this ranks as one of the best/most useful training (if not the best). The potential for this training to have been dull/boring was high but I found that it was engaging/interactive/well spaced/understandable/interesting. We leave with useful tools that will be used. I only wish that more of my colleagues could have participated. Great job


I like the whole training (no pressure and a lot of helping hands from facilitators); presentation style (both on PPT and papers)


Thanks Martin and Damien for this few days training.  I think I walk of this training as a more confident person that can apply this thinking in my area of work


Very intensive for us to cram things into our heads  Participatory approach to teaching and learning is very good.  Facilitators are very efficient and effective in teaching new concepts .  Contextualised to our Kiribati setting.  AWESOME and thank you


And our favourite:

You are not like other consultants


TANGO Strategic Plan Dartboard

Training delivered in November 2013 for TANGO, Tuvalu